International Staff

Welcome to our hospital! As well as our patients our staff is from around the globe. We are one out of few hospitals in Germany which implemented a team of integration professionals. Upon your arrival in our beautiful town Straubing on the banks of the Danube we will provide just the support you need for you to focus on your new start and in our hospital St.-Elisabeth. 

We are your contact to organise your accommodation and will guide you through your respective workplace and your familiarization. You can contact us with any problem and we will offer assistance whenever possible. We will also accompany you to appointments with local authorities and help with paper work. We are not only here to take good care of you, but also to assist you in case of family reunion.

You’re always welcome in our office and we are also happy to have you stop by to simply chat or have a cup of coffee together.

As a result of our efforts, many motivated colleagues who we acquired from abroad are already well settled and satisfied in our hospital.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Integration Coordinators

Giulia Castellarin-Gamarra
Expert for IntegrationTel. +49 9421 710-96938
Claudia Zink
Nurse for IntegrationTel. +49 9421 710-96908
Milka Hauslbauer
Nurse for IntegrationTel. +49 9421 710-96935

E-Mail: Integration@klinikum-straubing.de

Languages: English, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, French